domingo, 22 de julho de 2012

Best Picture

Explore many features of your camera phone.

With this application in your cell phone you can take pictures in sequence and quickly choose the best photos.

You can share your picture using:
Facebook, Picasa, Twitter, Instagram
Email, SMS, Bluetooth
Wireless (Wi-Fi) or 3G

The configuration options are:
- Choose the number of photos that will be taken.
- Set the JPEG quality of your picture file.
- Determine the interval between photos.
- Choose the resolution of your pictures.
- Choose flash options supported by your phone
- Capture images in high definition - HD

This app will overclock your cell phone camera hardware. Taking picture always in burst mode and with auto focus options enabled. Take pictures always without sound (silent mode).
After taking your picture frames you can manage all photographs in the picture gallery.
It is possible to apply zoom effects and multi touch events to view all details of your photograph.

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